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Performance Based Training Courses

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Handguns are an everyday aspect of American lives.  Law Enforcement are issued pistols, competitors employ them for various competitions, self-defense minded individuals carry them openly or concealed as a tool of last resort and hobbyist simply enjoy plinking at the range.  

Our curriculum is very extensive with something for everyone.  Our instructors have worked extensively to bring the best possible experience to students with simple to understand techniques and skill building instruction.  



Carbine use is on the rise across America as local Law Enforcement implements various patrol rifle programs, countless competitive disciplines and homeowners adopting them for self-defense protocols.  

Our curriculum is lead by an Army Ranger Vet who understands the various roles the carbine plays in our everyday lives.  With the performance advantage in mind we offer a various amount of course offerings to fill any need.



Shotguns remain one of the most violent platforms out there and still fill various roles in today's society.  

Regardless of application, students will learn the ins and outs of manipulating this complex firearm.  With the proper skills the shotgun can keep up with other platforms.  



Throughout our day to day lives we encounter situations that can require the knowledge of not only medical devices but also how to use these devices to apply emergency aid.

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