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Primary Shotgun

Primary Shotgun is where we look at what could be the one of the most devastating handheld weapon systems and how we can manipulate it to our primary needs. This can be for self-defense, competition shooting, professional work or just for plinking. The shotgun is underutilized and very misunderstood. It is so much more than the spray and pray system it is viewed as. There is an unseen element of skill involved in the efficient employment of a shotgun. It can also be very precise when used properly. In this class, we show you how to do just that. Regardless of how you use a shotgun, we will teach you the skills with which to be successful.

Topics Covered

• Fundamentals of Firearm Safety
• Developing the proper performance driven mindset
• Fundamentals of Reactive Shooting Skills
• Science of body mechanics in regards to firearm shooting
• Shotgun Types
• Efficient methods of loading and reloading the firearm
• Ammunition Selections
• Ammunition Swaps and Change Overs
• Patterns with differing ammo types

Students attending Primary Shotgun will be required to provide the following

• 400 rounds Bird Shot, 50 Slugs, 25 buck Shot
• Eye and ear protection (electronic preferred)
• A way to carry shells on your body, pockets are acceptable
• Sunscreen, Rain Gear, Bug Spray, Food, Water
• Note pad and pen/pencil
• Baseball type hat
• Proper belt to support gear including shell carriers
• Lube
• Tools specific to work upon your gear
• Knee/elbow pads and gloves (optional)
• An Open Mind
• Folding Chair (optional)

Class cost is $150. Students must purchase tickets prior to course. No walk ons. Refunds issued only in the event of cancellation. Tuition can be moved to another course up until 1 week prior to registered course.

Students must bring $20 the day of class to pay for Range Fee.

Space is limited.

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