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Primary Handgun 03

Handgun Manipulation

DMI Performance presents the accumulation of our Handgun Curriculum in this offering. . At this point you will have a firm grasp of the Firearm Safety Rules, Handgun fundamentals, manipulations of various loading techniques, malfunction clearing, linear movements, deliberate movements, multiple target engagements, off axis shooting, alternate firing positions and more.

With Primary Handgun 03, Army Ranger Barrett Carver, Will push students away from their comfort zones and into difficult arena of one handed manipulation with right and left hands. Every day we walk around carrying items, children, bags and so on. Perhaps we are injured. Whatever the case may be we may need to be able to employ our handguns one handed if the time calls.

Topics Covered

·         Fundamentals of Firearm Safety

·         Developing the proper performance driven mindset

·         The why and when of single hand shooting

·         Fundamentals of Reactive Shooting Skills applied to single hand shooting

·         Introduction of single hand draw mechanics and efficiency 

·         Single hand load and reload mechanics

·         Single hand malfunctions and clearing methods

·         Atypical shooting positions and effects of using one hand

Students attending Primary Handgun 03 will be required to provide the following

·         A DMI certificate of completion from Primary Handgun 01 and 02 or an admin approved equivalent

·         500 rounds minimum of pistol ammunition

·         Holster (no cross draw, or shoulder rigs)

·         Eye and ear protection (electronic preferred)

·         Quality functional pistol. A back up Pistol is highly recommended (No 22LR)

·         3-5 working mags for double stacked pistols or  5-10 for single stacks

·         A way to carry mags on your body, pockets are acceptable

·         Sunscreen, Rain Gear, Bug Spray, Food, Water

·         Note pad and pen/pencil

·         Baseball type hat

·         Proper belt to support pistol and mag pouches

·         Lube

·         Tools specific to work upon your gear

·         Knee/elbow pads and gloves (optional)

·         An Open Mind

·         Folding Chair (optional)

·         A valid Michigan CPL or letter of good standing from local Law Enforcement Agency

Class cost is $150 and is non-refundable. Space is limited.

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