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Handgun Skill Building Workshop

Handgun Workshop

This is for the student that has been through various handgun training throughout the years and wants to simply get better or have a tune up. We work throughout the day on various drills that test shooting skills with a strong focus on fundamentals. If you want to get better then this class is for you. It is a fast paced, heavy round count day that will keep even the most advanced shooters entertained.

Students attending Handgun Skill Building will be required to provide the following

• A valid Concealed Pistol License
• A vetted Handgun 01 certificate or Primary/ Everyday Handgun Certificate from DMI Performance. (This is not a basic course)
• A concealment garment
• 600 rounds minimum of pistol ammunition
• A Holster (no cross draw, No shoulder rigs, No collapsible leather or cloth holsters)
• Eye and ear protection (electronic preferred)
• Quality functional pistol. A back up Pistol is highly recommended in case of primary breakage (No 22LR)
• 3-5 working mags for double stacked pistols or 5-10 for single stacks
• A way to carry mags on your body, pockets are acceptable
• Sunscreen, Rain Gear, Bug Spray, Food, Water
• Note pad and pen/pencil
• Baseball type hat
• Proper belt to support pistol and mag pouches
• Lube
• Tools specific to work upon your gear
• Knee/elbow pads and gloves (optional)
• An Open Mind
• Folding Chair and Table (optional)
• Food/ Water/ Snacks for lunch and on the range.

Class cost is $150. Students must purchase tickets prior to course. No walk ons. Refunds issued only in the event of cancellation. Tuition can be moved to another course up until 1 week prior to registered course.

Students must bring $20 the day of class to pay for Range Fee.

Space is limited.


If you have a temperature the day of class or are showing symptoms please do not come to class. Send us an email giving us the details of what is going on. We will do our best to get your tuition moved to another offering.

Students should do their best to social distance at class. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is the responsibility of the student. Class size is limited to allow proper distancing.

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