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In today's world we can not take anything for granted. Our local municipalities are starving for funds and are under-staffed. We have to be responsible for our own protection, well-being and self-defense. In a life changing encounter that can last a few seconds help is at minimal, minutes away. The decision isn't taken lightly and you have decided that the time to pursue your freedoms is now. Luckily you are not alone. DMI Performance is right here to stand by you and help guide you on your journey. Together we will help you join the ranks of over 660,000 responsible gun owners and Michigan CPL holders.

If you want to get a Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CCW) then this course is for you. Upon completing this course, you will get the certificate that is required to apply for a Michigan Concealed Pistol License.

Topics covered

• Developing a proper mindset in regards to concealed carry

Firearm Safety, Safe Handling of Firearms, Safe Storage of Defensive Firearms and others, Prevention of Unauthorized Access to Firearms

Performance Shooting Fundamentals

Performance Shooting Cycle 
Defensive Accuracy and Hit Locations

• Ammunition, How it Works, Different Types
• Firearm Selection for Everyday Carry

• Conflict Avoidance and Controlling Encounters
• Michigan Use of Lethal Force, Use of Force Statues

• Michigan Firearm Laws in Regards to Concealed Carry

• Human Violence and Decision Making Process
• Psychological and Physiological effects of life threatening
• Legal Aftermath, Criminal and Civil
• Concealment Options
• Holster Types and Selection
• And much more.


100 Rounds of Ammunition (Rentals are 9MM)
Eye and Ear Protection
Pen and Paper for Notes
• A Working Handgun (no 22lr please)
2 Working Magazines for your Handgun

• An Open Mind 


• Clothing appropriate for an Outdoor or Indoor Range Session

• Sunscreen and Bug Spray if Outdoor Venue is Used
• Food, Snacks and Drinks to make it through a 10 Hour Day

Class cost is $125. Students must purchase tickets prior to course. No walk ons. Refunds issued only in the event of cancellation. Tuition can be moved to another course up until 1 week prior to registered course.

Students must bring $25 the day of class to pay for Range Fee.

Space is limited.

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