Michigan CPL/ CCW Tune Up

Concealed Carry

Most Concealed Pistol License holders tend to not get much range time in before their renewal process or they just would feel more comfortable getting a refresher on pistol mechanics as well as Michigan Laws.  Regardless of the situation this fast paced 5 hour block of training will bring you back up to speed for your renewal.  We will have a short classroom session to refresh us on Michigan Firearm Laws and we are back out on the range to work on our shooting mechanics. 

Topics Covered

·         Refresher of the Fundamentals of Firearm Safety

·         Refresher on Developing the proper performance driven mindset

·         Refresher on Fundamentals of Reactive Shooting Skills

·         Refresher on science of body mechanics in regards to firearm shooting

·         Refresher of efficient use of cover and concealment

·         Refresher of the basic handgun manipulations

·         Various skill building discussions and drills

·         Refresher of firearm laws of Michigan

·         Refresher on the use of lethal force and its aftermath

·         And much more

Students attending Michigan CPL/ CCW will be required to provide the following

·         250 rounds minimum of pistol ammunition

·         Eye and ear protection (electronic preferred)

·         Quality functional pistol. A back up Pistol is highly recommended (No 22LR)

·         2-3 working mags for double stacked pistols or  3-4 for single stacks

·         A way to carry mags on your body, pockets are acceptable

·         Sunscreen, Rain Gear, Bug Spray, Food, Water

·         Note pad and pen/pencil

·         Baseball type hat

·         Proper belt to support pistol and mag pouches

·         Lube

·         Tools specific to work upon your gear

·         Knee/elbow pads and gloves (optional)

·         An Open Mind

·         Folding Chair (optional)

Class cost is $100 and requires a non-refundable $75 deposit to guarantee your slot in the class. Space is limited.



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