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Everyday Shotgun

Employing the shotgun as part of a defensive system can be complicated and ego deflating. When incorporating a secondary system to the mix we introduce another set of challenges. In this course we address those complications. Using straight forward and simple tasks, we streamline the process into simple actions that will become second nature.  Not many people have run a shotgun with a secondary.  Within this course we will hone the mental skills required to problem solve on the fly. 

Topics Covered

·         Fundamentals of Firearm Safety

·         Developing the proper performance driven mindset

·         Fundamentals of Reactive Shooting Skills

·         Science of body mechanics in regards to firearm shooting

·         Introduction to one handed Pistol shooting

·         Introduction to off-hand draw mechanics

·         Transitions from primary to secondary firearms

·         Movement theories

·         Use of cover

·         Advanced loading methods

·         Atypical firing positions

·         Sight Tracking and Moving Targets

Students attending Everyday Shotgun will be required to provide the following

·         A DMI Certificate of Completion from Primary Shotgun, Primary Handgun or admin approved certs from another reputable trainer

·         350 rounds Bird Shot, 25 Slugs

·         200 rounds of Pistol Ammunition

·         A working shotgun ( a backup shotgun is recommended)

·         A working handgun (a backup handgun is recommended, no 22lr)

·         A holster for the handgun (no shoulder rigs or cross draw)

·         Eye and ear protection (electronic preferred)

·         A way to carry shells on your body, pockets are acceptable

·         A way to carry extra magazines on your body, pockets are acceptable

·         Sunscreen, Rain Gear, Bug Spray, Food, Water

·         Note pad and pen/pencil

·         Baseball type hat

·         Proper belt to support gear including shell carriers, holsters and mag carriers

·         Lube

·         Tools specific to work upon your gear

·         Knee/elbow pads and gloves (optional)

·         An Open Mind

·         Folding Chair (optional)

·         A valid Michigan CPL or letter of good standing from local Law Enforcement Agency

Class cost is $175 and requires a non-refundable $100 deposit to guarantee your slot in the class. Space is limited.

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