Everyday Handgun 02

Handgun Manipulation

As concealed or open carriers we must accept that stand up straight in a perfect stance is not a given in logical life encounters.  We must prepare to fight for our pistols when it’s up close and personal.  Holster locations, concealment garments quickly become a hindrance when you are wrestling an assailant has control of your support army and is sharing personal breathing space.  Modern semi-auto pistols need space to operate. 

In Everyday Handgun 02 we will prepare students for the worse circumstances and help develop the Performance Mindset to work hard under stress while helping you maintain the winning edge. 

Topics Covered

·         Fundamentals of Firearm Safety

·         Developing the proper performance driven mindset

·         Fundamentals of Reactive Shooting Skills

·         Science of body mechanics in regards to firearm shooting

·         In depth look into the bio-mechanically efficient single handed draw mechanics

·         Efficient methods of loading and reloading the firearm with one hand

·         Different methods of concealed carry and clearing the firearm with one hand

·         Malfunction causes and correction with one hand

·         Presenting the firearm in close confrontations

·         Multiple target accusations and engagements

Students attending Everyday Handgun 01 will be required to provide the following

·         A certificate of completion from DMI Performance’s Everyday Handgun 01 or an acceptable alternative approved by the DMI Performance team. 

·         450 rounds minimum of pistol ammunition

·         Holster (no cross draw, or shoulder rigs)

·         Eye and ear protection (electronic preferred)

·         A concealment garment

·         Quality functional pistol. A back up Pistol is highly recommended (No 22LR)

·         3-5 working mags for double stacked pistols or  5-10 for single stacks

·         A way to carry mags on your body, pockets are acceptable

·         Sunscreen, Rain Gear, Bug Spray, Food, Water

·         Note pad and pen/pencil

·         Baseball type hat

·         Proper belt to support pistol and mag pouches

·         Lube

·         Tools specific to work upon your gear

·         Knee/elbow pads and gloves (optional)

·         An Open Mind

·         Folding Chair (optional)

·         A valid Michigan CPL or letter of good standing from local Law Enforcement Agency

Class cost is $175 and requires a non-refundable $100 deposit to guarantee your slot in the class. Space is limited.



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